Life is Hard is a group of

songwriters/independent artists based in

Houston, TX.

Being that our main focus is songwriting, our musical style encompasses Rock, Pop, Hard Rock/Metal, and Country.  In the songwriting process, we strive to include elements of our musical influences, our personal experiences, and our expression of the events taking place in the world around us.

Life is Hard has countless musical influences spanning many decades and genres.  Some of these include Journey, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, The Beatles, Rush, U2, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews Band, John Mellencamp, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, The Wallflowers, Pat Metheney, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Paul Weller, Peter Himmelman and many more.

We are currently working on our first CD release, which we hope to complete later this year..

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