Mar, 2016

Houston Rodeo Rockstar We had some exciting news in March!  Both of Rob and Susan's daughters got past the first round of the Houston Rodeo Rockstar competition. The first round consisted of 31 contestants and is now down to 10 contestants.  They will compete on March 8, 2016 at the Houston Rodeo on the Statoil stage. Read more about it here:  

Q4 2015

TalentWatch We are pleased to announce that our song Ten Miles 'till Empty was selected by the program TalentWatch and the music video will be aired in January, 2016 on cable TV and various other networks.   You can catch the episode here: Miles 'till Empty  Ten Miles 'till Empty was also selected during a Nashville Songwriter's Association pitch to publisher event. We will see what is in store for this song!  

Q3 2015

Breaking Legs the Movie! We are thrilled to announce that our song Running in Circles (Pop Mix) will be included in an independent film titled "Breaking Legs." Our song was chosen from over 1,000+ submissions to this project and will be included in the opening monologue. The release date of the movie has not been announced yet, but they are in the post-production, editing phase so it won't be long! You can learn more about the movie and view the trailer here: Please consider supporting this exceptional independent film company and donate here: Breaking Legs the Movie!

Q2 2015

Rob & Tim Hello friends!  It's hard to believe we are already half way through the year!  We have been busy working on our next album.  In addition, we have had a large number of songs selected for music licensing libraries.  This is another area of focus for us.  Stay tuned! We will post more updates in Q3!

Q1 2015

Rise Again We hope you are all having a great year so far in 2015!  We are working hard on our new album which we plan to release later this year.  We completed several new songs for the album in Q1 and hope to finish recording later this year.  On the music licensing front, we had one of our instrumental rock tracks licensed for film/TV.  We do not know what shows it will air on yet, but will let you know once we find out.  If you use Spotify, be sure and follow our playlist:  Stay tuned!  We will post more updates soon!

Dec, 2014

LIH In August, a song written by Rob titled "Believe" was selected as runner-up in the Songwriter Universe contest: November, "Believe" won first place in the Song University "Be The Change" song contest!  Read the press release here: have several new songs in the works!  Stay tuned for some new music!

Aug, 2014

New G&L Legacy! We received some excellent news this month, so here is an early post before the Q3 update.  We were notified that our Video "Ten Miles 'till Empty" will be aired on cable TV networks such as U-verse and Comcast to more than 3.5 million cable subscribers, during the month of September on a show called Bongo Boy Rock-n-Roll Show. They advertise that they are like MTV when MTV was cool. Read about it here:   In addition, a new song that has not yet been released was selected as a runner-up in the Songwriter Universe competition.  We will post more on this later once it is announced.  Last but not least, Rob bought a new guitar (G&L Legacy featured in the pic to the left).  More in Q3!

Q2 2014

Faith in NASCAR We made some great strides in Q2!  We completed several new songs and began work on lots of new material for our next album.  We also released a humorous single titled "The Claw Machine."  You can view the music video here.  We released an instrumental album in April titled "Instrumentals, Vol. I."  You can purchase the album here. In other news, our songs were considered for NASCAR TV, as well as a Discovery channel biker show. Although we were not selected, we will keep the faith and continue to press forward! Our songs continue to be aired in Canada on UCB 90.7FM radio in a nine-month long series titled Faith in NASCAR.  You can listen to the shows here.  Stay tuned.  We will post more updates soon!

Q1 2014

Faith in NASCAR It has been a productive year so far and Q1 has flown by! During the first quarter, we signed a publishing deal for four songs, had our music accepted into four music catalogs for film/TV licensing, had our music included in a nine-month long series titled Faith in NASCAR which is airing in Canada on UCB 90.7FM radio, had some rock instrumentals short listed for sports placement by a major TV network, and began work on a number of new songs.  Listen to the first NASCAR show here: .  Needless to say, we are very excited with all of these prospects.  Hope you are having a great year and we will post more updates soon!

Dec 2013

Purchase our songs on CD Baby! Good tidings to all!  We received some great news this month!  We were approached by a publishing company and they would like to sign four of our songs to a publishing deal. That means they will be pitching them on a regular basis to both major and independent artists, as well as film, TV, and commercial opportunities.  Merry Christmas!

Nov 2013

Purchase our songs on CD Baby! Here's our latest song, "Running in Circles (Pop Mix)," which is quite a departure from our typical style. This is a very youthful, modern sounding pop song. As songwriters pursuing all types of marketing opportunities in TV, film, commercials, pitching to major artists, etc. we need a variety of styles in our repertoire. Please have a listen on SoundCloud and leave us a comment to let us know what you think. We plan to also release a rock version of this song.  Listen to the pop release on SoundCloud:  Running in Circles (Pop Mix).  We like to release cover songs from time to time.  Here is Rob's guitar vocal cover of The Eagles Desperado:  LIH Cover of Desperado.  We have also been commissioned by the owner of the Wonderland 1981 Blogspot to write a song about the Wonderland murders in LA in 1981. We are currently working on a demo for this and hope to have it finished soon.  See you in December!

Oct 2013

Purchase our songs on CD Baby! Happy Halloween from LIH!  We recently finished a new rock instrumental. This was actually a song my daughter wrote and we turned it into an instrumental for music licensing purposes. Let us know what you think:  Sisters Instrumental 1.  Stay tuned for a new release next month!

Sept 2013

Purchase our songs on CD Baby! Living in Houston, Texas in the summer can be brutal!  We welcome September after the numerous 100+ degree days in August with 100% humidity!  On to the music news.  We just finished recording the music for a brand new CCM song titled "Majesty" which will be on our upcoming CCM EP.  This song will feature the amazing vocals of Pamela Moore.  We plan to track vocals next month and hope to have it completed in the month of November.  Stay tuned!

August 2013

Purchase our songs on CD Baby! We have been busy writing new songs in the month of August. Many of these songs are in the beginning stages of the creative process. There is much work to do! Some of these titles include: Running in Circles, Every Generation, and an instrumental titled "Keep your shirt on." I know, you are wondering how we came up with the name "Keep your shirt on." We have this friend of ours who we will call "JW" for the sake of anonymity.  JW is always poking fun at bands that release album covers that display the members shirtless. This was a popular theme for rock bands in the past (not so much today thank God). This song title is a subtle attempt at humor surrounding this topic. Stay tuned for more LIH news next month, and please keep your shirt on!If you would like to sound off on this topic, visit our Facebook page and post away!

July 2013

Purchase American Soldier on CD Baby! Happy birthday America and a huge shout out to those that serve our country!

June 2013

Great news! Our Contemporary Christian song "Fly Away" was a category finalist in "Song of the Year" songwriting competition.  As a result, our song will be sent out to music resources including labels, publishers, promoters, management companies and more.  You can view the announcement here (scroll to the bottom of the page and look under the "Christian" section):  Song of the Year Competition - Category Winners and Finalists.  Those that follow us know that we write songs in various genres:  Rock, Country Rock, Pop, Adult Contemporary, CCM and more.  As songwriters, we enjoy all types of music and will continue to produce a variety of music.

May 2013

Hello friends!  We have had an exciting year for licensing prospects thus far.  In March we learned that the instrumental version of our song Red Rocks was being considered for NASCAR TV shows.  In May we learned that this song is also being considered by a music publisher for film, TV, and advertising opportunities.  We have also been busy writing and producing new music (both instrumental and vocal).  We hope to share some of that with you soon.

April 2013

We hope you are all doing well and having a fantastic year.  During the month of April we have continued to work on new music, music licensing, as well as pitching music to major artists.  We have a new single release this month titled "Me and My Girls", as well as an acoustic cover of Vince Gill's "I Still Believe in You."  Enjoy, and we will post an update next month!

March 2013

Spring is here!  During the month of March we have continued to pursue radio airplay, and have also been focusing on music licensing.  On the licensing front, an instrumental version of our song Red Rocks (which we have not released yet) is currently being considered for Nascar TV shows!  We should have an answer in July.  This is exciting news!  However, there is some serious competition.  We are cautiously optimistic.  We have also begun work on several new songs:  Running in Circles and Every Generation.  We hope to have these completed in the next few months.  See you soon!

Feb. 2013

The Planet 100.7 FM With the new year in full swing, we have been focusing on pursuing more radio airplay for our new album.  During the month of February, we began corresponding with Station Manager Lance McFarlin at Tarelton State University 100.7 FM.  Thanks to Lance some of our songs are now in regular rotation on this station!  You can listen live here:  We also have spoken with Station Manager Mark Moss of 89.7 KACC in Alvin, Texas as well as several other station managers.  We are hopeful that they will add our music to the rotation as well.  Stay tuned!

Jan. 2013

Happy New Year from LIH!  Our new album "Rise Again" is now available on CD Baby,, iTunes, and many more online media outlets.  Physical CD's can be purchased on CD Baby.  We would like to thank Katya Horner at for the awesome album art.

Dec. 2012

Merry Christmas from LIH!  Our first full-length album "Rise Again" has finally been released.  This album includes fifteen tracks and represents nearly two years of songwriting and recording.  It is now available for download on CD Baby, and will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online outlets.  Physical CD's will be available in late January.  We would like to thank Katya Horner at for the awesome album art.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.  We will see you next year!

Nov. 2012

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  During November, several of our songs received airplay on Severn FM in Gloucester, England.  Much thanks to Mark Newcombe for playing our music and for speaking so highly of the songs.  We really appreciate it!  We have completed the recording phase of our album "Rise Again" and it is currently being mastered.  It will be available for download next month.  Take care!

Oct. 2012

Happy Halloween from LIH!  We are nearing completion of the last song on our upcoming album "Rise Again."  This song, "Final Hour", is inspired by Gregg Allman's autobiography, detailing the story of his life.  See you in November!

Sept. 2012

Hello everyone!  We do not have much to report in September.  We have had a few delays, but are still working towards completing our album.  We anticipate that it will be ready in January, 2013.  Take care, and we'll see you soon!

Aug. 2012

We have been working very hard this month to complete our first full ablum "Rise Again."  We currently have one song remaining to finish the entire CD!  We also began writing new material for future single releases - because you never stop writing!  🙂  In addition, our music video for "Ten Miles 'till Empty" was completed with the help of independent filmmaker Craig Tovey.  He did an amazing job!  We were connected to Craig after listening to, and being featured on  They are a great group of guys that host this podcast.  If you are interested in the art of songwriting, be sure and check out their podcasts.  You will not be disappointed!  Also listen to the episode where Life is Hard was featured.  See you in September!

July 2012

We were interviewed on July 3, 2012 on WACK AM radio in Rochester, New York.  In the interview we discussed one of our new songs American Soldier, the songwriting process for that song, and what we hope to achieve through our musical endeavors.  Our song American Soldier was heard by potentially hundreds of thousands of listeners on their morning commute in New York and New Jersey.  Great exposure! Much thanks to Dr. Rus Jeffrey for having us on his show!  You can listen to the entire interview here:  Life is Hard interview.We also completed our music video for American Soldier, which can be viewed on YouTube:  American Soldier Video.  Our album "Rise Again" should out soon.  We are finalizing the last two songs.  Stay tuned!

June 2012

June was a great month for us.  Through our efforts in marketing our new song American Soldier, we met Dr. Rus Jeffrey.  Rus runs a charity called General Sarge that donates teddy bears to military families.  He's a great guy that has a true spirit of giving, and is full of compassion.  Rus liked our song American Soldier so much, that he asked for permission to include it in a video for his charity.  We were more than happy to accomodate him.  You can view the video here:  General Sarge American Soldier Video.  As it turns out, he is also a newscaster for WACK Radio in Rochester, NY and asked us to give an interview on his radio show next month.  We are looking forward to the interview and appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about our music.  We see much potential in our new song American Soldier.

May 2012

We have nearly finalized the artwork for our upcoming album "Rise Again" (see image to the left).  Much thanks to Molly Young for the excellent graphics design work, and Katya Horner for the amazing photography.  We are currently wrapping up the last three songs for this album.  Our songs will feature several styles of music:  Rock, Country/Rock, and Pop.  We look forward to the release.  Back to the studio!  See you next month!

April 2012

We released American Soldier this month, a song dedicated to our U.S. Service Members and their families.  You can stream American Soldier in it's entirety here.  You can purchase American Soldier on CD BabyiTunes, or Amazon.  In mid-April, we were interviewed on, and discussed various topics related to songwriting, recording, and music marketing.  You can listen to the podcast here.  We are working diligently to complete our first full Album, which will include 13 tracks.   Most of the songs have been completed at this point, with only a few remaining to wrap up.  Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

March 2012

March has been a great month for us! We released "Like No Other" this month, a rock/pop love song featuring the superb backing vocals of Marty Slayton.  You can stream the full song here, and you can purchase it here.  You can also purchase it on iTunes or Amazon.  We also cut our first demo of a brand new song titled "American Soldier".  It is a patriotic song dedicated to the brave men and women that serve our country.  We hope to have it completed and relesed next month.  In other news, we have been asked to conduct an interview on The Songwriting Podcast next month.  We will be covering topics related to the recording process, music marketing, social media and more as they relate to independent musicians.  See you next month!

Feb. 2012

Mother Nature built this place... Hello everyone!  We released "Red Rocks" this month, a rockin' tune that pays tribute to the Red Rocks ampitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  The inspiration for the song came about during a trip to Denver in 2009.  After visiting Red Rocks, the idea was born.  The writing/recording process for this song involves nearly two years of hard work.  We wanted it to be just right.  We sincerely hope you enjoy it!  Here's a link where you can stream the full song:  You can purchase Red Rocks here.  You can also purchase it on iTunes or Amazon.

Jan. 2012

Happy New Year from LIH! We hope that you each will have a remarkable and prosperous year in 2012. We have been busy recording and writing new songs this month. We are also beginning to plan the release of our first full-length album this year. Our hope is to have it ready for release by mid-summer.

Dec. 2011

Rest in Peace was released this month.  It is our second song, following Fly Away, in the Contemporary Christian genre.  Our newest song "Like No Other" is nearly complete.  We hope to release it early next month.  We are also nearing completion on "Red Rocks."  As we continue to build on our marketing efforts, we have a favor to ask.  If you have not done so yet, please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @LifeIsHardMusic.  Merry Christmas to you and your family from Life is Hard and God Bless!

Nov. 2011

Oblivious was released this month.  It is a mellow Rock song about how we all sometimes take things for granted in life.  Rest in Peace--a spiritual Rock/Pop ballad about the passing of a loved one--will be released next month.  We began working on a new song "Like No Other" this month, and it is coming together quickly.  It's a Rock/Pop love song with a very catchy melody.  We are constantly working on lots of new music so stay tuned.  You can always stream all of our published music at our SoundCloud site:

Oct. 2011

Exciting news this month!  Our song "Fly With You" was aired on KSEV 700AM as part of the Sam Malone morning show bumper music.  We are long-time listeners to KSEV radio and were thrilled to be a part of the show.  Those Days has been completed and will be published next month.  We are becoming more active on twitter these days, so those of you that Tweet please follow us here:  @LifeisHardMusic.   New music releases are weeks away!

Sept. 2011

This month we performed the song "Life is Hard" at the Galaxy Singer/Songwriter compeition at the Texas Arts Alliance Center.  We met a lot of nice people and had a great time at the event.  In September we also began working on a new country song titled "Ten Miles 'till Empty."  It's a song about lost love, heartache, and reconciliation.  We hope you will enjoy it.  We will be hitting the studio in November to start making progress on this song, as well as a new pop song titled "Seasons."  In other news, we have new music on the way!  We are  very close to releasing three songs:  Those Days, Oblivious, and Rest in Peace.  We anticipate that they will all be released in November.

August 2011

We hit the studio again this month and made some serious progress on two new songs: Those Days and Oblivious. Both of these songs are a departure from our typical hard rock sound. Those Days is a Country/Pop song that will take you back to your childhood days, surrounded by family and friends. The song Oblivious is a mellow Rock/Folk song about how we all sometimes take things for granted in life. More great news in August! We completed our first EP which will include five songs. The CD’s are currently in production and we should have them available in September. The digital download version of the EP is available here:

July 2011

Rock-n-Roll Dream and Driftin’ Away were completed this month! We now have six songs completed that will end up on our first record. Rock-n-Roll Dream is an inspiring rock song that tells the story about a struggling songwriter/musician that is trying to write a hit song and put his name on the map. Driftin’ Away is a high-energy rock song that tells the story of a runaway and the emotional struggles that take place along the way. Next month we will be back in the studio working on new material.Click here to purchase Rock-n-Roll Dream on AmazonClick here to purchase Driftin’ Away on Amazon

June 2011

We are very close to completing Driftin’ Away! We will head into the studio again this month to put some finishing touches on it and complete the studio mix. Driftin’ is a solid rock song with some fantastic Hammond B3 organ, reminiscent of Deep Purple. This month we will continue working on Red Rocks, which will feature several guest guitarists--John Kiefer and Steve Bonilla. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

May 2011

Great news! Fly With You and Fly Away have been released and are available on Amazon and iTunes. We also completed our home studio mix of Driftin’ Away and will be mixing/mastering this professionally in the next few weeks. We hope to have it ready next month. Stay tuned!Click here to purchase Fly With You on AmazonClick here to watch the YouTube video!

April 2011

We have been busy working on Fly With You, and are determined to get it published by next month. It is a modern pop love song that is sure to stir the emotions. It is about finding the love of a lifetime and holding on for eternity. It is very melodic, and rich in vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, organ, violins, and cellos. We also made the decision to create a crossover/Contemporary Christian version of this song titled Fly Away. We plan to release this next month as well. Click here to watch the YouTube video!

March 2011

We began work on a new song “Red Rocks” this month. We liked how it was developing so much that we moved it in front of several other songs we had been working on. The inspiration for this song stems from a trip we all took to Colorado in 2009. On that trip we visited the Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. This is by far one of the the most amazing concert venues in the United States. It is rich in history and very intriguing. This is the site where U2 recorded “Under a Blood Red Sky.” If you are ever near the Denver area, be sure and check out Red Rocks.

February 2011

We completed the title track to our upcoming CD this month and it is now available on Amazon and iTunes. The song is titled “Life is Hard” and is a catchy song about the ups and downs of the rat race. The song includes over thirty tracks of instruments and vocals (much more than we had originally envisioned). We hope you enjoy it! We also completed the video for Life is Hard that can be viewed on our YouTube page: Click here to watch the YouTube video!

January 2011

Desert Sands was released this month and is now available on Amazon and iTunes. This is our second single to be released. It is a patriotic song about the present-day war on terror. It has a 1980’s metal feel to it. We originally wrote this song about the first Gulf War in 1990. We brought it back to life in 2010, changing much of the lyrics and modifying the arrangement. God Bless the USA!Presently we are working on several more songs including Rock-n-Roll Dream, Life is Hard, Welcome to Las Vegas, Fly With You, Oblivious, and Driftin’ Away. Click here to watch the YouTube video!

December 2010

We released our first single "Where Were You" this year. We are currently working on many more songs for our EP release in 2011.Click here to watch the YouTube video!

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